Absolutely! You can customize your box, and entire order, up to 3 days before your delivery date.  We are unable to change your box/order after the 3-day cut-off.  Based on the seasons, there will be some products that come standard.  If you have a special order, please feel free to call or e-mail us and we will accommodate you as best we can!  There are so many fresh Colorado choices that we're sure you'll find exactly what you need.  Locally-sourced eggs, sauces, honey, produce, and much more!
Your organic and our all-natural products will be delivered in separate boxes to ensure your products are kept purely organic.
Farm 2 U will recycle for you!  No charge, no hassle.  Just leave your box where your next one will be dropped off and we will take it for you.  Save space in your recycling can and do good for our environment!
Yes!  We have whether you choose organic eggs or not, your eggs will be from the healthiest and happiest of hens!  Feeding on an all natural/organic diet passes those nutrients onto you.  Packed with vitamins, minerals, and healthy fatty acids. we're sure you'll love these eggs.  You and your family deserve the best and we definitely have the best for you!
All of our organic choices are grown by farmers that use organic and sustainable methods.  We want only the best for our family and yours!
Yes. You can cancel your order any time before your cut-off date.  Log into your account to check for your specific date.  Your cut-off date will be 3 days before your order is to be delivered.
The Colorado growing season is extremely short.  We absolutely source Colorado products first all year!  We reach out to large and microfarms throughout the state.  We absolutely believe that the healthiest foods come at "arms-reach", environmentally.   Of course, bananas are not local, but we have the freshest available on the market.  ALL of our artisan and honey products are sourced locally year-round.  Through Farm 2 U, you are fully supporting your local agriculture, merchants, processors, artisans, and apiaries!



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